anthony santamaria

rainbow unicorn
maestro of manes
ring leader

he/him/his or them/they/theirs

what anthony loves about hair

A person’s hair can be a key ingredient in building self-esteem and confidence. I love creating a journey for my clients and watching their confidence grow. Seeing them happy and smiling after a colour and style transformation fills me with joy.

what makes anthony unique

My ability to connect with people. I have the type of personality where people relax around me. I’m very passionate about my values and have a strong ethical sense to embody them. I dare to be different and always live larger than life. I’m very open, honest and accepting.

what is important to anthony

Creating a safe, respectful and inclusive environment for all around me is one of my core values. I love the diversity of my clients and the rapport I have built with them over the years. My team and my clients are like a family to me. One of my favourite creative outlets is dance. It’s a big emotional release being able to channel into my routines and tell a story to the audience.