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We offer all of our clients: a complimentary consultation to allow you to feel comfortable and confident; the right advice on how you can work with current hair trends; and  at-home hair care solutions best suited to you so you can maintain your look between salon visits.

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how long has portabello been around and what is your salon culture like?

Portabello began in 1994. Anthony joined the team in 2005 and took over the salon two years ago. We have always had a strong culture tailored to the client experience; to provide excellence in service, skill, passion, education and communication. Since Anthony took the reigns, he has infused this culture with a strong set of core values, with empathy, diversity and inclusion at the forefront.

tell us a bit about anthony’s background? how long has he been hairdressing? what is he known for?

For a few years he studied Psychology at university, but was a terrible student. After a short time working in retail, he decided to try my hand at hairdressing. Anthony started his training and, shortly after, had a trial at Portabello and the rest is history! Four years later, he was made the training manager and then, the salon manager. He has been part of the industry for 14 years now and still loves it. Anthony believes it’s a warm and welcoming community, especially here in SA, and it’s full of amazing creativity and unbridled passion. Amongst our clients Anthony is  known as a Rainbow Unicorn, special and unique, vibrant and colourful, a mythical creature that probably shouldn’t exist! The skills that he is known for are his rainbow colour work, blondes and precision cutting, especially of curly and thick hair. His favourite aspect of hairdressing is getting to know new people, building rapport with them and welcoming them into the Portabello family.


what is the portabello experience? what is your point of difference?

Portabello is a creative and nurturing environment. Our clients are treated to a luxurious space, coupled with attention from well-trained individuals, comfortable massage basins and natural plant-filled surroundings. There is a wide selection of fashion magazines and concept art books to read, something to cater to everybody’s tastes.

Hair can have a huge impact on a person’s self-esteem and our clients entrust us to build them up, which we do by taking their raw, natural beauty and shaping it into a look that says ‘This is me’.

you like to partner with other local like-minded businesses (such as sparkke change) – tell us about this.

We are all about supporting the great things South Australia has to offer. As a performer in the Fringe and Cabaret festivals, Anthony likes to keep our clients informed on local current events. Part of the space is dedicated to the Arts, with posters showcasing upcoming theatre, music, and other assorted events, supplied by MaD Promo.

The supplier of our alcoholic beverages is Sparkke Change Beverage Company, not only are they an Adelaide brand run by a group of amazing women, their company ethos blends perfectly with ours. Their drinks represent different causes, with part of the proceeds going towards groups in support of campaigns such as gender equality, sexual consent, climate change and Indigenous rights. They are a wonderful, supportive group making waves in the beer industry and I’m happy to have them as part of our crew.

One of portabello’s biggest partnerships and biggest inspiration, has been with Brent Leideritz of b. He is an amazing individual who helped with the design of the new portabello logo, the rainbow braid, which encapsulates everything we strive to represent. He is also our photographer and is helping us achieve all that we can possibly imagine.

who is the portabello client?

The Portabello client can’t be described as one person – we welcome everybody with open arms. We have a particular fondness for those on the fringe, the freaks and geeks, the artists and dreamers. Anybody who embraces change and diversity and is open to learning more about themselves and those around them.

you’re big on sustainability – tell us about how the salon gets involved.

One of the biggest changes to our industry is another of our partner companies, Sustainable Salons Australia. They are reshaping the way we think about waste in the salon. They collect about 95% of all of our waste products and resource them into new products. We collect all of our plastic, paper, metals (including all the foil used in colouring) and chemical waste which they come and pick up. They even collect all of our hair scraps! The hair is used to make ‘Hair Booms’, which they use to soak up oil spills in the ocean. It’s really incredible. Plastic gets turned into hard plastic which can be used for things like 3D printing. One of the projects they provide hard plastic for is printed building foundations for houses. It’s a great feeling knowing that we are doing our part to protect the future of our planet.

our project diversity

Portabello is undertaking an ongoing photo series showcasing the amazing diversity of our clients. The intention of the series is to share a visual representation of the values we uphold, diversity and inclusion, first and foremost. We want to cover diversity from every angle; age, gender, race, sexuality, hair structure and colour.

We have started with our existing clients, to show them as we see them; as strong, passionate individuals, unafraid to be different, willing to be challenged and embracing change. Our staff of Portabello will also be involved. After the initial phase has been completed, the project will be opened up to any who wish to be involved. If you would like to be a part of the series, please let us know.

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Anthony and his team have created a strong, inclusive environment, valuing empathy and providing support for the causes they believe in: gender and marriage equality; and sustainability; to name a few.
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With their strong focus on the client experience, and a fun and exciting atmosphere, you’ll always feel part of the family. Visit Portabello and unleash your inner rainbow unicorn.

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