Lochy Maybury

what lochy loves about hair

Hair is (literally) an extension of ourselves. How we choose to wear it, not wear it, care about it, not care about it, shave it, shape it or just let it do its thing all makes up a part, however small, of our identity. I always appreciate the trust people put in me when they sit in my chair, because although it’s “just hair”, it still matters.

what makes lochy unique

I went to clown school in Canada. I trained in acting for four years and still can’t roll my r’s. I have approximate knowledge of many things but pronounced “antithesis” wrong for at least four years. I have all my wisdom teeth but still haven’t achieved enlightenment so I’m beginning to think that name might be misleading. I like sci-fi.

what is important to lochy

Community. Compassion. Levity. Ensuring inflation doesn’t increase the price of a bahn mi.